About Joe Roberts


I started building in 2003, cutting my teeth working for my father and uncle on some office buildings in Edmond. Realizing that I enjoyed it, I decided to start my own company, and Joe Roberts Construction Company was formed and incorporated in 2005. I now build mainly on the northwest side of Oklahoma City, Yukon, and in Edmond, but have built homes as far away as Okarche.

Being a third-generation homebuilder brings some unique challenges. As my father said, “You don’t want to be the one that ruins the family name.” So when I started, I made three commitments to myself: Commitment to environmentally sound construction, commitment to quality, and commitment to fairness in business dealings.

I am committed to building energy-efficient homes. I am an Energy Star partner and am enrolled in the OG&E Positive Energy program. I am always interested in taking on new challenges in energy-efficient and environmentally sound construction. This is not an attempt to capture some emerging market share, or get on the green bandwagon, but a promise I made some time ago to build the kind of houses in which I would like to live. All my houses are energy efficient, with design, materials, and HERS ratings verified by independent, third-party inspectors.

I am committed to quality. No house can ever be perfect, but some houses are closer to perfect than others. I feel the two keys to quality construction are (1) paying more to hire competent, professional people and (2) the builder regularly being on the job, actively monitoring quality. These straightforward steps seem so simple, but are lost in the high-volume business models of far too many builders out there.

Lastly, I am committed to doing business honestly and fairly. I make my money by selling houses and getting good referrals, not by contractual tricks or charging outlandish prices on some upgrade. I honor my warranty, (sounds silly, but you’d be amazed….), and deal with problems personally, not by referring them to someone else. It is in the best interest of my company to have people genuinely happy with their homes. More importantly, it lets me sleep well at night.